BEHIND THE SCENES: Scouting begins for film locations

Behind the scenes from 2Blue

Disney tries Kipling … again

Jungle Book from 2Blue

What Spike Jonze’s new movie “Her” says about Silicon Valley dystopia

A thoughtful essay on the terrific, Best Picture nominated, film

Photo of an old movie projector

5 Common Misconceptions About Film

  It’s easy to believe everything in film is perfect. It’s an easy way to get on…

People watching cinema

10 Common Myths About Film

  The world of film can seem like an intimidating and mysterious place. It’s where all the…

Kid Movies

How to Know if a Movie is Appropriate for Kids

There are lots of options for movies to watch, but some are more kid-friendly than others. Even…

Comic Con: Secret Wards to Return

By: Dan Orlando So Marvel has decided to open up a can of nostalgic awesome. The iconic…

Luke Wilson to Channel NFL’s Goodell?

By: Dan Orlando Luke Wilson is reportedly in the middle of negotiations with Sony to play NFL…

Gone Girl Movie Lacks Hook of Novel

Gone Girl, the latest best-seller to turn box office draw, rounds the corner into its second weekend…

Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams

Robin Williams quoted this poem in 1989’s “Dead Poet Society” (in an Oscar-winning screenplay by Tom Schulman)….

Madhouse FX

EXCLUSIVE: FX wizard turns 21st-century Oregon into 19th-century New York

By TOM HENDERSON Adam Lima helped movie audiences believe a man can fly. That man was Will…

Studio Ghibli?

Is this the final reel for Studio Ghibli?

By 2BLUE EDITORS Studi Ghibli may have made its last movie. The Guardian in London reports that…

Nellie Bly

Book collects the writings of Nellie Bly

  Nellie Bly may soon become a household name. Again. In the late 19th century, everyone knew…

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